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  • 1 El Diario de Hoy

    Site is updated daily with information from El Diario de Hoy.


  • 2 Diario Co Latino

    Diario Co Latino is an evening paper of El Salvador. Maintains a progressive editorial sympathetic to the Salvadoran democratic left in political and econ


  • 3 El Nuevo Diario | Nicaragua

    El Nuevo Diario newspaper editing is a national of Nicaragua, its offices are located in Managua. Along with La Prensa is the leading newspaper in Nicaragua. It was founded on May 19, 1980 by workers from the newspaper La Prensa that were critical of the same editorial line, next to the counter, and close to the Sandinista cause. At the request of who was the founding director, Danilo Aguirre Sol


  • 4 Diario La Nacion | Costa Rica

    The Nation is a Costa Rican daily circulation newspaper published in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was founded on October 12, 1946. At the head of the project were as director Sergio Carballo Romero, Ricardo Castro Beeche as manager, and Jorge Salas in the administration. And the return of Adrian Vega drafters formed Aguiar, Salvador Lara, Eduardo Chavarria, Federico Gonz


  • 5 Diario El Mercurio | Chile

    El Mercurio is a conservative Chilean newspaper founded by Agustin Edwards Mac-Clure with several editions throughout the country. Its most important issue is that of Santiago and is distributed nationally with daily circulation and whose first edition was published on June 12, 1827, in Valparaiso, being the oldest newspaper in circulation even talk Castellana.


  • 6 El Salvador

    Elsalvador.com complements the news information with a multiple deployment of issues of interest to multiple audiences, sport, entertainment, multimedia spaces made 100% at home and a totally dedicated to the support comunitario.Las news from El Salvador in Internet.Sitio which is updated daily with information from El Diario de Hoy.